Welcome to Delta’s fadderperiode!

At Norwegian universities it’s common to start off the year with a fadderperiode, which we translate to English as “buddy period”. Delta’s fadderperiode is two weeks long and will start on the matriculation day, Monday the 12th of August. Participating in the fadderperiode is a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of your fellow students as well as get familiar with Trondheim and NTNU. As you are new to the university, you are more than welcome to join Delta’s fadderperiode and we really hope that you will give it a go. If you decide to participate, you will be looking forward to a fortnight of making new friends, exciting activities and competitions, teambuilding, and overall just loads of fun. We’ve been preparing for the fadderperiode for several months and we hope you will join us for as much of it as you can.

We realise that you, as an international student, may be attending NTNU’s Orientation Week or some other important stuff, and that there will likely be some clashes between our activities and other things you should be present for. It’s completely up to you what you attend in those cases, as in general you decide yourself how many of Delta’s activities you want to join us for. But provided you have the time and energy to join us, we hope you do participate in what you’re able to, because the fadderperiode is so much fun and it really is such a good opportunity to get into the social aspect of studying at NTNU.

We should also specify that even though Delta is the linjeforening for students of mathematics or physics, that does not mean that only maths or physics students are welcome in Delta. In fact, there are many of members of Delta who study things other than maths or physics. So if you are considering joining our fadderperiode and you don’t study mathematics or physics, then you can rest assured that you joining us will not be a problem for us at all.

So then, how does the fadderperiode actually work? Well, after the matriculation ceremony there will be a meeting where a few people from Delta will introduce ourselves and you will be put into a faddergruppe (or “buddy group”), a group of fellow students who are also new at NTNU. Your group will be guided through the fadderperiode by a few faddere (“buddies”) from Delta, students who have already been at NTNU a while and are eager to make sure your introduction to NTNU and Delta is a positive experience. For most of the fadderperiode, you will primarily spend your time with your faddere and your fellow fadderbarn, which is what we call the new students like you. There will be opportunities to get to know students from outside of your faddergruppe, but doing it this way means you hopefully won’t be overwhelmed by getting familiar with too many new people at once.

Once you have found your faddergruppe, you will be ready to take on Delta’s fadderperiode. There will be a lot of different stuff happening in the two weeks that will follow and in order for you to have an idea of what awaits, we will post more information here on this page every day. This will include information about where and when to show up. So check back here regularly, and be alert in case of changes. But to get a bit of an overview for now, here’s a schedule:

We know that there’s a lot of information to digest here and maybe you’ve got some questions. If you’ve got anything you’re curious about or that need more information about, don’t be afraid to contact us at delta.utenriks@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can directly contact Therese Strand, one of the faddere who will be leading one of the groups, at therstr@stud.ntnu.no.

Monday 12th: Immfest
As explained above, after the matriculation ceremony there will be an information meeting where you will be introduced to Delta and we will put you in your faddergruppe. Since the fadderbarn and faddere in your group will be some of the people you will spend a significant amount of time with ahead, we will start off with getting to know each other. But the main event happening this day is immfesten, or the matriculation party, which will happen later at Studentersamfundet (literally “the student society”, often just referred to as Samfundet). So in preparation for that, each group will eventually head to someone’s place to have dinner and pre-drinks together, as well as continuing to get to know each other, of course. And after that, those who would like to join immfesten can do so. There will be students there from the whole university, so it is surely going to be a big party. For those who would prefer not to go to the party, there will be alternative arrangements. So even if you’re not keen on partying or maybe not even drinking, we still hope you’ll join us for that.

Tuesday 13th: Rebusløp
Getting to a completely new place can be pretty overwhelming and confusing, so it’s nice to just take some time to actually get familiar with the area. So for this day we have planned a rebusløp (“rebus race”) on Gløshaugen, which means that you’ll be navigating around various places of interest on Gløshaugen and complete different tasks there, and most of the tasks will provide opportunities to acquire points for the competition that we talked about yesterday. Once the semester starts you will potentially spend a lot of time around Gløshaugen, so this day is a great opportunity to really start familiarising yourself with the campus. The rebusløp will start at 14:00, so if you want to participate then you should show up a few minutes before that on the lawn behind the main building, where the matriculation ceremony was held yesterday (https://goo.gl/maps/TCZsFTxaPtTrrMzH6). The race should finish around 17:00.

Wednesday 14th: NV party
Today it’s time for another party at Samfundet, but this time the party is themed. The party is arranged collaboratively by multiple linjeforeninger, specifically all the ones with their office in the same hallway as Delta. All the linjeforeninger in that hallway are for courses in various natural sciences, so that hallway is commonly known as NV-gangen, or “the NV hallway” where NV is short for naturvitenskap which means “natural sciences”. The theme for the party is music genres, and each linjeforening will have its own music genre and so everyone who wants to attend should try and dress in a way that fits their genre. Delta has hip-hop as our genre! Each group will start the evening with pre-drinks once again, so you should talk to one of your buddies to know where and when you should meet. When we’re ready, everyone who wants to can proceed to the party at Samfundet and for the others we will once again have other arrangements.

Thursday 15th: Deltagames
Today it’s time for more competitions! We have several fun games for you to enjoy, including volley pong and making human functions. So this day is all about teamwork, fun, and loads of chances to earn points. We start off this day with some barbecuing at 16:00 in Høgskoleparken, in front of the main building at Gløshaugen. Delta will have the grills ready so you just bring what you’d like to eat. The games will start around 17:00 and should last a couple of hours. Also, we will be outside so you should dress suitably according to the weather.

Friday 16th: Pirate Party
Today it’s time for another party and another chance for dressing up, this time as pirates. But don’t be fooled by the name, this is not a plain party. We will be having fun activities today. We will start the evening with pre-drinks and aim to be at Kristiansten Festning (Kristiansten Fortress, often just known as festningen) by 18:00. Then we will compete in various pirate themed games. When we finish the games, going to Samfundet will be an option. But we will also put on a movie in a room at Gløshaugen, so that’s also something you can join us for.

Saturday 17th: Toga Party
Since delta is a greek letter, it is really only appropriate for us to take the time to honour our greek origins. In order to do that we will have a toga party. We will start off with pre-drinks at around 14:00, where we will also make our own togas, so if you want to get dressed up you will need to bring a bed sheet with which you can do so. Around 16:00 we will head to Gløshaugen and compete in various games. When that’s finished we can hang out with other linjeforeninger who are also having a toga party and eventually a lot of people will be going to Samfundet. There will also be a showing of Disney’s Hercules in R9 (in the natural sciences building), for those who might be interested in that (time will depend a bit on when we finish the other activites and stuff).

Sunday 18th: Hiking and game night
Lectures are starting soon and Delta’s fadderperiode still has some intense and competitive days in store for us. So before taking on all of that, we’re going to have a calmer day. There’s quite a bit happening today, but there are no competitions and you don’t have to stick primarily with the people from your group. So this is another good time to get to know some people you might not have had the opportunity to talk to a lot so far.

First, we’re starting the day with a hike and we are headed for Geitfjellet (literally “The Goat Mountain”). The trip is not particularly demanding and we will probably get to the top in a bit over an hour, where we will have a lunch break. We will start the hike from the pavilion in Ilaparken, if you’re planning on getting there by bus then the bus stop named Ila is a good option to aim for. We are planning on heading off from the pavilion at around 12:00. Make sure you bring something to eat and drink, and do make sure you dress appropriately according to the weather.

If you signed up for MATematisk aften earlier this week, then that will happen today and you should have been contacted by the host of the dinner you will be attending. If you signed up in time and haven’t been contacted yet, you should reach out to the leader of your group so we can figure out where you should go.

Finally, in the evening we will have a game night. Delta has quite a few board games available, for example Secret Hitler, Bang!, and much more. The game night will be outside R7 from 18:00, so if you want to play something you can just show up and have a good time.

Monday 19th: Bar-to-bar
Bar-to-bar is a well-established part Delta’s fadderperiode. We will start with having some food outside R1 () from 17:30, just some bread with topping, and you can even pack some to bring with you. A bit past 18:00 we will head for our first bar and throughout the evening we will be visiting several bars around Trondheim where we will do various activities. If you are going to participate, do make sure that you have shoes for walking around Trondheim a lot and that you have clothes so that you won’t get cold in the evening.

We should note, though, that despite the name and locations of today’s activities, you do not have to drink alcohol to participate in bar-to-bar. You will NOT be required to drink as part of any of the activities. If you want to drink then you can of course do so, but if you don’t then you should still be able to participate in today’s activities. So even if you’re not eager to drink, it is still worth considering trying to join us today. There are fun games ahead and you can get a lot of enjoyment out of them, regardless of whether you want to drink or not.

Tuesday 20th: Committee day and a secret game
This day consists of two parts. In the first part you will have the chance to get to know Delta a bit better. We will start by gathering here: http://bit.ly/2P1j2sy at 16:00. Then we will give you a little presentation about Delta and its structure, and after that you will get to visit stands hosted by the various committees and subgroups within Delta. Because Delta has a lot of subgroups and there is a good chance you can find something you might want to join. Maybe you could contribute to our newspaper, or join the podcast, or try yourself in our choir or house band. Today is a wonderful chance to explore the various things that Delta has to offer, so you should definitely not miss this. Just ask around today and there’s a good chance we can find you something that interests you.

At 18:00 we will have a break, while several of the first year students need to go to a lecture. Then at 20:00, we will proceed to the second part of this day, which consists of an activity that we will not reveal until it’s time to start it. All you need to know is that you’re going to be outside most of the time when we start, so you should bring warm clothes, and the other thing you should know is that this is going to be fun. Without revealing anything, this activity has the potential to be one of the big highlights of this fadderperiode, so you should really stick around for it.

Wednesday 21st: Girls’ and guys’ day
Most of the students in Delta come from courses in mathematics or physics, and the majority of students on those courses are men. So likewise, there are fewer women than men in Delta. But we want everyone to feel welcome and for as many as possible to be active and participate in Delta’s activities. And one way of encouraging this, with girls being in the minority, is to facilitate a strong social environment among the women in Delta. If you don’t know where to go, you should get in touch with a buddy to find out. But of course, we’re not planning on just leaving the guys to just sit at home and twiddle their thumbs all day. So the guys will have pizza and board games outside the cafeteria in the natural sciences building (http://bit.ly/2HeBHuE) from around 18:00. To all our non-binary friends, you are welcome wherever you wish to go.  The freedom of choice is yours. We promise not to give where you want to spend the evening any more importance than you wish it to. Overall, this is a great chance to relax and hang out with your fellow students.  Eat some food, have some fun, relax, and be a part of building that “strong social environment” we all need to thrive.

Thursday 22nd: Sports Day
Now it’s time for a day with more team spirit, high energy, and exciting games. It’s time for the sports day, so dress appropriately for the physical trials ahead. We will meet up in Dødens Dal(https://goo.gl/maps/Dqb67xYS8UiNDu4X6) and we will start 11:30, so come a bit earlier. Then we will play various competitive games, including a game where you will be using bumper balls and you really shouldn’t miss out on that. So get ready for a fun and competitive day.

Friday 23rd: The Initiation
Today is a really special day, it is the day when you will face one of the big student traditions associated with fadderperioden. Today you will face opptaket, “the initiation”. The tasks ahead will require teamwork, and the bonds you’ve forged during fadderperioden will now be tested. After going through opptaket, you will officially be considered proper members of Delta. To participate in opptaket, meet up in front of the main building at Gløshaugen at 17:00.

Saturday 24th: Apartment-to-apartment
Delta’s fadderperiode is approaching its end, but we’ve still got some exciting stuff in store for you. This day we will be visiting various places, primarily apartments belonging to some generous faddere, where there will be, as you might have guessed by now, various exciting games. Some of the stuff we will be doing today includes writing conspiracy theories and having Sing Star duels. It is sure to be a lot of fun and since the last day of the fadderperiode is going to be a bit more laid back, this is the last big and action packed day. So you don’t want to miss out on this, it will be one of the last chances for your faddergruppe to display its team spirit. We will start at 16:00, so get in touch with some buddies to find out where. Since we will be walking quite a bit, when we move between the apartments, make sure you wear good shoes and have clothes so that you won’t freeze later in the evening.

Sunday 25th: Quiz and movie
We are finally at the last day of this year’s fadderperiode and it’s been an exciting and intense journey so far. We will start with a quiz at 16:00 outside R5 in the natural sciences building. After that you can spend the evening at Kjelleren (the basement), some student run bars at Moholt, where they are hosting a night out specifically for international students. Or you can stick around in R5 to watch Animal House, the 1978 comedy about the fraternity members known as the Deltas.