MedKom - The media committee

Are you creative by nature? If you either want to challenge yourself in new and exciting areas, or just wish to have fun with your fellow students, you have come to the right place! The Media Committee is Deltas communication channel, and is an essential part of operating our student association and our students wellbeing. As a member in The Media Committee you can try being a journalist, a director, an actor, graphic designer, craftsman, IT-guru and much more! You will get to understand LaTeX better, and especially get access to a string of the best editor programs, for photography, digital art, sound, animation and movies. In this committee only the creativity is the limit!

Join The Media Committee and create history! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and leave your own mark on Deltas public image!

Underkomiteer og interessegrupper

Redaksjonen Δt

Delta does of course have its own newspaper, namely Δt, the name speaks for itself. If you are the type who itches your fingers when you see an empty LaTeX template, or who would rather spend your time drooling over the most beautiful graphs rather than the boring centrefold of Vi menn, well then the editorial staff of Δt is something for you! Our articles range from complicated mathematical proofs and in-depth theory of atomic clocks, to nonsense articles about algebraic structure in the Norwegian language. Δt is published twice a semester to fellow students for the neat sum of $ latex e ^ {\ i \ pi} + 1 $ kroner.

In addition, Δt maintaines a special position in Delta as it is the only subcommittee protected by Delta's statutes. Our newspaper has already made a mark by being the only newspaper at NTNU, and perhaps the world, which is created exclusively by the use of LaTeX. Each year Δt attends Gullblekka, which is the student organizations answer to the Pulitzer Prize, right here in Trondheim! Previous years, Δt have won the prize as NTNU's most nerdy newspaper, witch makes us quite proud.


Podcasten Δp

Δp is Delta’s own podcast. Once a week, eager talents meet who plan and record new episodes every other time. The episodes are filled with everything from responses to submissions to fun gameshows. If you either like to chat about everything and nothing, or edit audio and put together episodes, is Delta P is the podcast for you.
Get in touch today or just show up at the next meeting so maybe you can become Delta p’s new podcast star!


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Videogruppa Δv

Do you like good movies? Do you adore the works of film titans like Hitchcock, Kubrick and Tarkovsky? Have you seen every item on IMDB rated 8.5 or higher? Then this is probably not anything for you. However, if you appreciate the production of both low and high (okay let’s be honest, slightly higher) quality content, and having tons of fun while making it, then Δv is definitely for you. We produce everything from inspiring promos for Δ events to ridiculous(ly bad) sketches. Members can contribute to basically anything they want, be it scriptwriting, playing characters, filming, and editing the whole thing to create a finished movie. With us you can do what you want with the resources we have available, so here you can bring your creative ideas to life!


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If you think it would be nice to use your creative side while studying, then Design is for you! In Design there exist tasks that fit everyone, regardless of whether you have done anything with art since middle school or not. You can create something digitally, by for instance designing logos, posters and banners for Deltas amazing events. There is also opportunities to work with more traditional crafts; some of our finished projects are sewing curtains and repairing Delta’s dignified banner! No previous knowledge or experience is required to ‘delta’ in Design, for whatever you need to know, you will learn! Whether if you are interested in Design, or interested in learning how to use Photoshop, or become better at sewing, or just want to make memes, you are very welcome to join!



KomIT (uttales “commit”) er Deltas interessegruppe for alt av IT. Enten det gjelder Deltas nettside, diverse elektroniske systemer på kontoret eller hva som helst annet teknisk så er dette gruppen som tar seg av det. Hvis du liker å programmere eller bygge elektriske dingser så er dette gruppen for deg. Likte du ITGK? Bli med.


Deltas radiotheatre