Deltas football team

Want a little break from reading? Maybe you have a pair of soccer shoes that aren't quite worn out yet? Or maybe you just enjoy playing football and meeting fellow students? Either way, you are welcome to join Delta FK, Deltas own football club. We have no skill-requirements, but being able to walk would maybe help.

Delta FK is as stated Deltas footballclub. We play in the 7dentleague, a special student league. Join our facebook group or send us an email to get the latest news regarding training time.

About the 7dentleague

7dentligaen was started in the fall of 2015 by students at NTNU. After playing in the regular business series for a number of years, it was a strong desire among several of the student associations that played football to have their own league. The corporate series ran from spring to fall, which was unfavorable for student teams, and a league based on the students' premise emerged as a better solution. The matches are played at Eberg Artificial Grass, and it is a good atmosphere during matches when people come and cheer!

We will work hard to rule the upper part of the table, and we always welcome new members!

You can find us at:
Or contact us by mail: