Welcome, international students!

This page contains all of the important information for international maths and physics students who are not yet familiar with Delta.

What is Delta?

A lot of the social and academic life at NTNU revolves around special student association which in Norwegian are called linjeforeninger (literally area-of-study-associations). Delta is the linjeforening for mathematics and physics; it is a large, active and inclusive community that brings together students who study, or have studied, maths and physics. However, in practice, students of all kinds of studies are part of our community. In particular, this autumn we are welcoming international masterstudents in material science and communication technology to Delta. 

Delta can’t be described properly in a few sentences, so here is a (rather incomplete) list of what a typical student in Delta might do:

  • Sit at the Delta “office” and chill, chat, have a drink, play (video-)games, etc.
  • Join Deltas events such as the immatriculation ball, trip to Åre in Sweden, amazing race, spring wine celebration, cabin- and camping trips, etc,
  • Join one or more of Delta’s many subgroups, such as its choir, newspaper, film group, hiking group, etc,
  • Spend Friday evening at the natural science pub (Norwegian: Realfagskjelleren) in the Moholt student village,
  • Help organize the Trondheim Science Week (Norwegian: Realfagsdagene), a multi-day event featuring world-famous scientists and Delta’s annual ball.

We are also very focused on helping international students integrate in local student life. If you need help with anything, or have any questions, feel free to send us a message at delta.utenriks@gmail.com .

You can find all kinds of information about delta on this website, although at the moment, all pages but this one are currently in Norwegian.


Join Delta!

Norwegian maths and physics students are integrated in Delta during their first weeks of study. As an international student, you can fill out this short form:


This will enable us to contact you and let you know about events or other relevant information that will help you get to know the Delta community. If you are arriving before or during the first two weeks of the semester, you should consider joining Delta’s fadderperiode (buddy period)! Read more about this here!

We also have some very active facebook groups. You can ask anyone who is already in these to add you when you meet them, or you can simply join “Linjeforeningen Delta”.